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Welcome to 815 Family!

Welcome to 815 Family!  We are your consolidated source for family friendly events, kid's camps and activities in the Northern Illinois area. This website was born of a need - a need to find camps for my son over the summer break. Like many people, when school is out, I need somewhere for my son to go - plus he really wants to be active and do something out of his mother's watchful eye!  Sound familiar?! I have a deep love of spreadsheets, so I built one with all of my camp options, to help determine a schedule. I shared it with many of my mom friends and thought, why should my hard work go to waste? - Other parents and guardians could use it too! We all have different needs for camps - early drop offs, provided lunch (the best, making lunch is a pain!!), after care, good prices, exciting themes, etc. The "Camps" page allows you to sort the results by the criteria important to you. I have other pages planned so check back or sign-up to automatically be notified of changes. I hope you enjoy the information and find it useful! If you have any suggestions of camps I'm missing or just want to say hi, please drop me an email at  

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